Patio Mister

When shopping for a patio mister, consider the quality of the materials you're buying and the cost of the equipment. By investing in a product from a reputable company, your patio mister will likely be in service around your home for many years to come. You'll come across many different misting systems for sale online; before you place an order, spend a minute or two online at Cool-Off looking at the best water cooling systems on the market. As proud suppliers of quality outdoor water misting equipment, we are able to provide one-on-one assistance when you're comparing products and prices.

3 Things To Look For In A Patio Misting System

1. If you want a self-install patio mister, look for a complete kit that contains all water misting accessories and parts, tubing, pump, misting fan, hardware, and misting nozzles. At Cool-Off, we have many to choose from:

  • Portable misting fans that are easy to pack and bring along when you're on-the-go during the summertime. With a portable mister, you'll find a cool oasis from the sun and heat wherever life takes you.
  • Mid-pressure misting kits that are ideal for home outdoor use, such as patio areas, barbecue spots, swimming pool decks, outbuilding entranceways, and other backyard locations.
  • High-pressure misting kits for commercial and industrial applications. Choose from large misting kits containing 40-140 misting nozzles and plenty of tubing to complete your installation.

2. Save money and spend time with your family working on a do-it-yourself project with rewarding results. The best misting systems are customized to fully meet the needs of the homeowner, which is why we sell mister components, parts, hardware, and more- everything you need to put together a quality patio mister is available online from Cool-Off:

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Misting nozzles & rings
  • Plugs, valves, tubing, & hardware
  • Mist system fittings
  • Filters & softeners

3. Are you shopping on a website owned by a trusted supplier? If not, you could end up purchasing an inferior product and have no recourse for sending it back. A lot of Web companies today make it next to impossible for customer to return a product they're not happy with. That won't be a problem with you buy a misting kit or parts from Cool-Off. You'll find information on our website about returns and our company warranty, so you won't have to guess about Cool-Off policies.

Additional website resources include Ask The Experts, FAQs, Web chat, customer support, product installation guides, blog articles, and Quick Links. Feel free to contact a Cool-Off product specialist at any time at 800-504-6478.

Shop our full line of misters and misting accessories online now or get in touch with us for professional assistance choosing the right product for your backyard or outdoor space. Our best patio misters come in the following sizes:

  • 20 foot kits with 11 misting nozzles
  • 30 foot kits with 16 misting nozzles
  • 40 foot kits with 21 misting nozzles
  • 50 foot kits with 26 misting nozzles

Upgrade any patio misting kit with a 200 PSI booster pump that creates a finer mist.

Patio Mister