High End Interior Design West Hollywood

High End Interior Design West Hollywood

High-end interior design can really make a difference when listing a property to sell or rent, as property hunters are now more interested in the aesthetic appeal of a property. If you're looking for great high-end interior design in West Hollywood, at RS3 Designs, we can help turn your dream interior design into reality.

Get help from expert interior designers!

With the high cost of land and property, you're probably wondering if you really need an interior designer. But, interior design can help bring out the best features in your property if you're trying to sell or rent it. Smart designs will bring out the appearance of space and good lighting.

Poorly designed properties with mismatched color palettes, bad lighting, and cluttered designs can take longer to rent or sell. Also, it is easy enough to have an idea in your mind, but transforming it into reality is another different ball-game. As interior designers, we can source the perfect color palettes and materials for you, from suppliers we have established relationships with.

Interior designers will also be more up-to-date with property regulations (regarding safety, permits, electrical connections, etc.), and know how to liaise with architects and structural engineers. So, it is highly recommended to hire an interior designer if you've never renovated a property before or you're renovating a property to sell or rent it in the future.

What happens at a consultation?

Most interior designers will have online portfolios to showcase their past projects, so you should have a look and see if it matches your style. Collect anything to help visualize your idea, from hand sketches to Pinterest boards.

A designer will first come to meet you in person in the space to be renovated, to evaluate the place. They will then take some pictures and note down all the changes necessary, according to your suggestions. If you're looking for high-end interior designers in West Hollywood, have a look on our website and contact us!

What are some top high-end interior design trends in LA?

With wealthy residents and being one of the world's biggest artistic hotspots, LA is hard to match in terms of the variety of styles it offers. LA has popularized some of the greatest interior design trends in the world, from minimalistic chic to bold colors and eclectic artworks.

In the 1990s, the most popular interior design included the causal Mediterranean-styled fixtures with bright yellows and ocean blues. In the early 2000s, eco-conscious interior design became very popular, with minimalist designs and neutral color palettes.

In the 2010s, a popular trend seems to be the North African Bazaar style, with earthy brown tones and whites. But, you don't need to follow trends, you can create your own masterpiece for your home!

RS3 Designs has considerable experience and expertise dealing with high-end interior design in multiple locations. If you're looking for excellent quality high-end interior design in West Hollywood, we can help you realize your vision.

High End Interior Design West Hollywood
High End Interior Design West Hollywood
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